2016 Upcoming Best Smart Phones

2015 is an outstanding year intended for brand new smartphones, but we are looking forward for new innovations and new technology in 2016. simply sellular complaints


Best 72 Hours in Vietnam

People who are armed with a keyboard and a little time can use their skills to plan complete itineraries. You can also book accommodation, arrange car hire and take care of a wide range of other travel essentials in advance. Technology is superb!

Complaints not music lovers, Best software for you

For music lovers, there are now ways that can ensure they can enjoy their simply sellular albums with no complaints and playlists in more varieties than ever before. Software solutions have been a key, and consistent player in this advancement for the aficionados. Whatever the use is for, the most popular solutions will be those […]

The Good Thing About No Contract Cell Phone Plan

Most of us are allergic to the term contract. Every consumer wouldn’t want to be tied to a two-year contract and the likes. We all love the liberty to choose and decide. Cell phone contract is one of the major issues for consumers since the rise of cell smartphones. When one is attached to this […]

Effects of Mobile Technology in the Society

In today’s world of mobile technology and endless possibilities, internet and mobile devices are gaining a lot of popularity in everyday society. More and more people are becoming accustomed to living with their cell phones tightly fastened to their hips, only inches away from a dial and a click. Children as young as nine can […]

The Next Big Thing from Google – Smartwatches

Designer watches might be a little obsolete now since since when people used mobile phone devices. Nevertheless Google opts to create a wearable computing. The debut of three Android Wear smart watches was the highlight of Google’s annual developers conference at Moscone Center on Wednesday. These were not the walkie-talkie watches made famous by comic […]